GREECE May-June 2006

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Thessaloniki with city wall
Thessaloniki: Roman triumphal
arch and Rotonda
Gerakina on the peninsula
of Chalkidiki
Macedonian tomb
Meteora: cloister
Meteora: cloister
Ioannina: city wall
Arta: camel bridge
Lefkas peninsula
Meganisi island
Ionic Sea
Nafpaktos: port and castle
Osiou Loukas: cloister
Delfi: sanctuary of
goddess Athena
Delfi: temple of god Apollo
Delfi: theatre and temple
Olympia: gate
Olympia: stadium
Olympia: sports school
Byzantine ruins
Mystras: cloister
Mystras: church
bay Egeic Sea
Nafplion: Venetian castle
Nafplion: old city center
Mycene: royal palace
Mycene: city wall
Mycene: ruins of houses
Epidaur: theatre
Epidaur: ruins
Greek public-baths
Athens and
mountains Peloponnese
Athens with
Zeus temple
Athens: Akropolis
with Parthenon
Athens: entrance gate
of Akropolis
Athens: Parthenon
Athens: temple
Athens: Roman forum
and Akropolis (above)
Athens: temple of
god Hephaistos
Athene: old Plaka

Kees Hiddinga. Copying only with permission.

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